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About Us

“If it is not useful or necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to make it. If it is useful and necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to enhance it by adding what is not an integral part of its usefulness or necessity. And finally: If it is both useful and necessary and you can recognize and eliminate what is not essential, then go ahead and make it as beautifully as you can.”– Shaker dictum

Being the go-to destination for all products related to nut shellers, we at Texas Nut Shellers provide quality-controlled and professional sales services in these areas to both the retail and consumer market within the United States and the rest of the international market.

Initially a very small company started on an experimental basis by business professional Steve W. Carter, Texas Nut Shellers has quickly grown and evolved from a regional basis to doing business on a national basis with a wide and diverse clientele both nationally and globally.

Our goal is simple – we act as business partners for anyone wishing to purchase a small or large order of qualitative and competitively-priced nut shelling-products.

For you, the private consumer, we act as the doorway to a wide range of well-crafted products usually unavailable to most. Our products are designed by and often crafted completely by hand and they are built to last, unlike most merchandise and products today.

For you, the retailer, we act as professional business partners able to deliver these products directly to you in whatever numbers you require for your project/your business.  We seek to act impeccably in all our business dealings and our employees are thoroughly knowledgeable about our products, able to offer consulting and advice regarding both smaller and larger purchases.


John Goering
President and CEO


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