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Kinetic Kracker

kenetic-krackerToday’s society has the culture of throwing away down to an art. Decades ago, manufacturers would boast the durability and lifespan of their finely-manufactured products coupled with product quality – this is a hallmark and a step towards that superior standard.

The mechanical masterpiece of our collection – the Kinetic Kracker – is the pinnacle of development and the very best we have to offer. Only minor revisions have been made since the original model was released in 1973. Since then, the Kinetic Kracker has revolutionized the trade. As with any product wrought to last an entire lifetime, this exclusive device has been manually fine-tuned by professionals to ensure only the best quality.

The specifications are even more impressive than the presentation – this product manages an hourly yield of up to 1,560 pecans and boasts only the best features available. The machinery rotates continually, requiring only continuous insertion of fresh pecans without requiring two hands to operate like most conventionally found products.

In the true spirit of a time when quality held precedence over quantity and expense, the Kinetic Kracker offers you the quality, resilience and durability you demand. It’s popularity is a testament to the gratification felt when using a product of true genius.

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