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Texas Two-Step Nut Cracker

Product Description

Few things are more pleasurable than finding a product capable of handling all of the needs of an entire field. Few products boast a construction so sturdy and resilient that it can be passed from generation to generation without need for repair. This heirloom is such an item; wrought from pure steel with a chromed finish and with a base of solid, irrepressible hardwood, it will last you a lifetime. It's durability is only excelled by its flexibility. Apart from conventional nuts usually opened with a cracker, it can handle larger and more hard-shelled nuts, including black walnuts and macadamian, making it the perfect addition to any traditional or modern-themed cuisine - the design is timeless and does not subscribe to either while fitting seamlessly in both. Two Step Nut Cracker

Texas Two-Step Nut Cracker